Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Local plans

How this service can help my inmate?

Our service will help your inmate to call your mobile at any time with reduced rate as he or she will be calling local number instead of your mobile. The calls can be much longer with Renovare Prison calls!

How this service can help me?

Our service will help you significantly reduce cost of calls from your inmate. You will get from us a land-line number for your inmate to call at lower rate. The number will ring on your mobile - any time, anywhere.

How much can the inmate save with your service on a single phone call?

Calls to mobile number from most of the prisons is in the range of 40p-50p per minute (depends on the time of the day). However, to call a landline, calls can cost as little as 10p a minute. During one 10min call the prisoner can save £4!

Is the prisoner charged to call my Renovare Prison calls local number number?

Yes, the prisoner credit is used however due to the fact Renovare Prison calls number is a landline, the overall cost of the call is much lower compared to the mobile rate from inside the prison.

Can I get an additional number for someone to let him/her use the service as well?

Absolutely! You can add up to 5 numbers to your account. Please note each additional number will cost you small monthly fee according to the pricing.

General questions

Do I have to register the number on the prison PIN list?

Yes, you have to tell your inmate to register new Renovare Prison calls number on his/her PIN list as any other number he/she want's to call.

What if I change my mobile number?

Just contact our support team to change the configuration of your Renovare Prison calls number and start receiving calls on your new number.

What if my inmate will be moved to a different prison?

This will not affect the service at all. He/she can still call the same Renovare Prison calls number to reach you on your mobile.

How do I know how many minutes are left on my account?

You can check your balance, available talk time and many other details online, through website.

How do I cancel the service?

Your account will be automatically closed after 54 days of inactivity. You can also ask our team to close your account with immediately effect at any time.

What are the available payment methods?

You can use your credit or debit card to pay for Renovare Prison calls sign up and top-up.